MSW Program

The MSW degree program at Texas State School of Social Work is an exciting opportunity for college-degreed people who really want to improve society!  Students spend half the degree program in class, and half in field, where students work in agencies under supervision. Our graduates perform extremely well on state licensing tests, and get interesting positions in all sorts of service delivery fields. Field instructors and employers consistently report to us that our graduates are quite well-prepared for social work, and they are in high demand for jobs. Not only are MSW students eligible for all sorts of exciting career opportunities, but they are also poised to pursue graduate studies in law, psychology, social work, and numerous other fields of study.
Texas State offers an on-campus MSW and an online MSW.  These degree offerings, regardless of delivery method, use the same textbooks, the same syllabi, and are taught by core Texas State faculty.  
Our MSW degree program is built on the liberal arts perspective. We make sure that MSW applicants have taken a variety of courses in physical sciences (such as human biology), social and behavioral sciences (such as sociology), ethnographic studies (such as government), languages (such as English), and speculative studies (such as philosophy). These courses prepare foundation students to delve into the breadth and richness of professional generalist knowledge: values, ethics, law, diversity, vulnerable populations, social and economic justice, human behavior and the social environment, social policy and services, social work practice, research, and field education. If an applicant has graduated from a CSWE-accredited BSW program, these criteria are met.
Texas State’s MSW degree program, regardless of delivery method, is fully accredited by Council on Social Work Education and its graduates are eligible for state licensure as Social Workers.

MSW Foundation Track

MSW Foundation students complete the foundation curriculum of 29 credit hours, a graduate-level curriculum that prepares students for effective, ethical generalist practice. Foundation courses are comparable in content to BSW upper-level courses, but the content in foundation courses is more theoretical, while BSW content is more experiential--which takes into account the fact that MSW students typically have more life experience than BSW students and so may not need as much experiential study. Foundation content tends to be more concentrated to meet the higher-order learning demands of graduate students. When students complete foundation, they are prepared for advanced concentration coursework and fieldwork, which, though more specialized, is still consistent with the generalist perspective.

MSW Advanced Track

The MSW offers advanced curriculum which provides a launching pad for future Leaders for Change. Students enter the advanced curriculum with a solid foundation of basic social work skills and knowledge upon which to build a specialized, focused approach to practice in either Administrative Leadership or Direct Practice.
In these two concentrations, students hone their expertise in social work and develop confidence in their competence as professionals.
Advanced professional social work practice, while built on a generalist foundation, calls for knowledge and skills that are deeper, broader, and more specific than generalist work. Advanced learning is not so much “different from” as it is “more than” the foundation. Advanced concentration students deal with the same content areas as foundation students: values and ethics, diversity, vulnerable populations, social and economic justice, human behavior and the social environment, social policy and services, social work practice, research, and field education. They cover those areas, however, at more sophisticated, complex, and focused levels. One aspect of advanced concentration study is that students learn how to focus and study deeply in one area; this skill will serve them well as they enter specific service system fields.

Program Offerings by Semester

Spring –     Foundation On-campus
                  Advanced Administrative Leadership On-campus
                  Advanced Administrative Leadership Online
                  Advanced Administrative Leadership On-campus
Fall –         Foundation On-campus
                  Administrative Leadership Online (not Advanced)
                  Advanced Direct Practice On-campus
*Application submission for Fall 2013 online and on campus Foundation is closed.

*Applications for Spring 2014 are being accepted and reviewed.

*All programs can be completed on a full or part-time basis, with the exception of Administrative Leadership online, which will be offered on a full and part-time basis beginning 2014.

*The School of Social Work has a rolling admission so once the cohort is filled the application process for the specific semester is closed.


Letter of Commitment