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Field Practicum / Internship

The Texas State University School of Social Work field practicum is a semester-long, professional internship at a community agency in Central Texas.


BSW students are expected to complete 250 hours in SOWK 4645 and 250 hours in SOWK 4650 for 500 field practicum hours.

MSW Foundation students are expected to complete 180 hours in SOWK 5410 and 180 hours in SOWK 5411 for 360 field practicum hours.

Advanced Standing students are expected to complete 270 hours in SOWK 5678 and 270 hours in SOWK 5679 for 540 field practicum hours.

The semester prior to beginning the practicum, students will be assigned a faculty field liaison who will help students identify agencies with which to interview. In selecting agencies, consideration will be given to student preference, agency needs, field instructor characteristics, and the quality of the potential learning experience. The field liaison will thereafter lead bi-weekly evening integrative seminars, while students will be supervised at their placement agencies by experienced, degreed social workers. Separate from time spent in the field practicum, students will complete practicum-related assignments to be submitted to their field liaison. Accomodations will be made for part-time students, online students, and students with special needs. For more information, please reference the Frequently Asked Questions, BSW Field Manual and/or MSW Field Manual.

Contact Us

Please contact the field practicum staff below with questions or concerns or for more information about the field practicum.

Dr. Tozi Gutirrez, LMSW.
Director of Field Education
(512) 245-2592 or

Mr. R. Stephen MedelTozi Gutirrez, LMSW.
Field Coordinator
(512) 245-2592 or

Ms. Cassandra Smith, LDCD, MSW.
Field Coordinator
(512) 245-2592 or