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MSW Track

MSW Foundation Track

The MSW Foundation track prepares students who hold a bachelor's degree from another discipline for the MSW Advanced track. The MSW Foundation track consists of a graduate-level curriculum of 29 credit hours designed to help students develop an effective and ethical generalist social work practice. Foundation track course content is comparable to BSW upper-level courses, but more concentrated, designed to meet the higher-order learning demands of graduate students. MSW Foundation courses are also more theoretical (vs. experiential) than BSW courses because MSW Foundation students typically have more life experience than BSW students and do not need as much experiential study. Students who complete the MSW Foundation track are prepared for the MSW Advanced track, concentrating on Advanced Practice Leadership. Concentration course content, while more specialized than that of the Foundation track, maintains consistency with a generalist perspective.

MSW Advanced Track

The MSW Advanced track offers a specialized, focused approach to social work practice in Advanced Practice Leadership (APL). In this concentration, students hone their expertise in social work practice and develop confidence in their professional skill set. Students entering the MSW Advanced track are expected to have previously acquired a solid foundation of basic social work skills and knowledge through the completion of either a CSWE-accredited BSW program or the MSW Foundation track.
Advanced professional social work practice, while built on a generalist foundation, calls for knowledge and skills that are deeper, broader, and more specific than generalist work. Advanced learning is not so much “different from” as it is “more than” the foundation. Advanced concentration students deal with the same content areas as foundation students: values and ethics, diversity, vulnerable populations, social and economic justice, human behavior and the social environment, social policy and services, social work practice, research, and field education. They cover those areas, however, at a more sophisticated, complex, and focused level. The MSW Advanced track is designed to help students learn how to focus and study deeply in one area of social work practice, a skill which will serve students well as they enter specific service system fields.