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Evaluation Policy

School of Social Work, Texas State University


Revised February 2010

The Student Review Process

If the documented unprofessional behavior or developmental concern persists, the faculty member will initiate remediation based on the following:

The faculty member who had the initial concern will consult with the student’s Advisor and the appropriate Degree Coordinator. The Degree Coordinator will then refer the continued concern to the Program Standards Committee for action and/or recommendations.

The Degree Coordinator will submit the Student Concern Form, corrective action plan and any other supporting documentation to the Chair of the Program Standards Committee.

A copy of all documentation will also be provided to the student.

The Program Standards Committee will convene a hearing within ten (10) working days to make recommendations.

Attending this meeting will be: the faculty member who voiced the concern, the student, and the student’s faculty advisor. The Committee may also invite other individuals who are deemed relevant to the process.

The student may also bring his/her own advocate to provide support or advisement to the student. The advocate is not allowed to address the committee on behalf of student.

The Committee members will hear the faculty member’s concern as well as the student’s response, and any attempts to resolve the concern.

At the conclusion of the hearing, all participants will be excused from the room. Committee members will remain in order to deliberate.

The Committee will report their decision(s) in writing within ten (10) working days to the student, the appropriate Degree Coordinator and the School Director.

The student has ten (10) working days to accept/reject the Committee’s recommendation(s) in writing. If a student fails to respond within ten (10) working days in writing, this will be an indication of acceptance of the decision.

The student may appeal the Committee’s decision in writing to the School Director within ten (10) working days of the notification of the Committee’s decision.

The student may appeal the School Director’s decision in writing to the College Dean within ten (10) working days of the notification of the School Director’s decision.

The College Dean’s decision is final.

If a faculty member is concerned that a student’s professional development and/or behavior is so serious that it requires a prompt or immediate resolution and no corrective action plan is feasible, the faculty member will follow these procedures:

The faculty member will notify the Faculty Advisor and appropriate Degree Coordinator about the concern and the need for prompt resolution.

The Program Standards Committee will be notified and will convene within two (2) working days. All procedures outlined above will be followed within an expedited timeframe of two (2) working days instead of ten (10).

Documentation & Record-Keeping

The Program Standards Committee report will remain in the School Director’s office. Notification that the report is being held by the Director will be placed in the student’s file. The appropriate University officials will be notified of the Program Standard Committee’s decision if needed.

The School must complete all Student Fitness and Performance Evaluation procedures by the last day of the semester (including exam week) unless the faculty member delivers his/her concern to the appropriate Degree Coordinator within one week of the end of the semester. Should this occur, the Program Standards Committee must complete its deliberations within one week of the new semester’s first class day.

The appropriate Degree Coordinator will advise students who have one or more unresolved student concerns on file with the Coordinator at the end of a semester that they are advanced to the next semester only on a probationary basis. Students will not graduate if they have an unresolved student concern on file.