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The Cutting Edge

The VRTL utilizes the latest in virtual reality technology in order to immerse users in a rich digital environment that engages all senses. The lab develops most of our software in Unity which is an industry standard open source game development engine.

Oculus Rift and LeapMotion

HMD and hand tracking technology

The lab uses the Oculus Rift SDK2 Head Mounted Display (HMD) with a LeapMotion hand tracking device, this state of the art experimental set up allows the users to interact with the digital environment with using hand gestures rather than buttons on the controller. This creates a high level of presence as the user feels completely immersed in the virtual world

Corner Cave

Corner Cave two projector system

The Corner Cave system uses two projectors on two perpendicular walls which creates a slightly less immersive environment but allows for multiple users to experience the same scene. It also provides an outlet for individuals who are unable to use the Head Mounted Display.