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Dr. Nason Working to Reduce Sexual Victimization on College Campus

Dr. Nason's Work

With the ongoing debate surrounding sexual victimization and Title IX on college campuses, Dr. Nason in the School of Social Work at Texas State University explores the occurrence of sexual victimization among women and its association with a variety of negative sequelae. Prior research examining women’s ability to respond to sexually risky situations has relied on trait-based measures or experts’ judgments to determine the effectiveness of women’s responses.  Because of the high prevalence and negative consequences of sexual victimization, researchers have sought to identify risk factors for sexual victimization.  Research has identified factors that increase risk of men’s sexual aggression and that are associated with women’s increased risk for sexual victimization, yet few interventions have been shown to reduce prevalence rates of sexual violence. Dr. Nason’s most current projects seek to identify behavioral mechanisms that can be used to improve the effectiveness of sexual assault prevention programs and ultimately decreasing risk for sexual victimization and enhance safety.