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Ms. Valerie Gomez, LMSW

MSW Field Coordinator - Lecturer


Ms. Valerie Gomez, LMSW, has a social work background in education. She started her career teaching and establishing an English program abroad and held several positions within education that addressed the non-academic challenges that impacted classroom achievement. She managed school and community grants that promoted and facilitated success by identifying the holistic needs of children and their families in a school (PreK-12) setting. She is currently a Lecturer and the MSW (Master’s in Social Work) Field Coordinator for the School of Social Work at Texas State University.


The research interest of Ms. Gomez is centered around workplace readiness and technology related to social work practice. She currently co-facilitates Project Know Your WORTH (Woman Offering Resources, Truth + Heart), an endeavor that brings awareness to the gender pay gap and trains women and people of color on salary negotiation skills. Recently, she was a visiting scholar in Bogota, Colombia to teach about the human side of artificial intelligence (AI), a course that embedded how AI is being used as a tool to hire diverse workplaces but how humans design and use the technology.

She is the Organization Advisor for the Filipino Students Association (FSA) and is a member of Texas State’s Hispanic Policy Network at Texas State University. Professionally she is a part of the Filipino Young Professionals of Austin and the Young Hispanic Professional Association of Austin. She holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master's degree from Texas State University.