Dr. Karen Knox

Professor and Interim Director

Office: HPB 150A
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: kk07@txstate.edu

Dr Karen Knox, LCSW, holds both the MSSW and Ph.D., and has taught at Texas State since 1995. She serves as the School’s Field Director. Dr. Knox has also taught at the University of Tennessee-Memphis, St. Edward's University, and the University of Texas at Austin. Her areas of research interest, publications, and practice experience include crisis intervention, victim services in law enforcement, child abuse, family violence, sexual abuse survivors, and sex offenders. Dr. Knox has worked extensively on a project to connect Texas State School of Social Work with a sister university in Russia. She teaches both online and on campus.


Ms. Carla Ackerson

Senior Clinical Lecturer and MSW Program Coordinator

Office: HPB 150A
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: cja59@txstate.edu

Ms. Carla J. Ackerson, LMSW, has served as a Clinical Lecturer at Texas State School of Social Work since 2013, and previously served as a Clinical Lecturer at Texas A&M University-Commerce. She was the Executive Director of Communities In Schools of Northeast Texas for 14 years and brings a wealth of experience in organizational management, political advocacy, grant writing, community organization, and supervision and administration. Ms. Ackerson has served on several community boards including 9 years as a school board member for Winnsboro ISD and member and past president of the Child Advocacy Center of Northeast Texas. Ms. Ackerson is currently a doctoral student at Texas A&M University-Commerce, completing her dissertation on Academic Entitlement. She teaches both on campus and online.

Dr. Angela Ausbrooks

Associate Professor

Office: HPB 150A
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: aa16@txstate.edu

Dr. Angela Ausbrooks, LMSW, joined the faculty in 2006. Holding degrees from the University of North Texas and University of Texas-Austin, her teaching areas include child welfare, work with minorities, research, practice, and human behavior and social environment. Dr. Ausbrooks is the MSW Coordinator for the School. She has more than 15 years of experience in child welfare as a front-line worker and a coordinator of a Title IV-E program. She is interested in researching child welfare, resilience, juvenile justice, and diversity. She teaches both online and on campus.

Dr. Amy Benton

Assistant Professor                                                                      Benton

Office: Nueces 206
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: ab68@txstate.edu

Dr. Amy Benton, LCSW, joined the School in Fall 2010 after earning her Ph.D. from University of California-Berkeley.  She is an expert in child welfare staffing issues and has rich experience in agency and grants management.  Dr. Benton teaches a variety of courses, including policy and child welfare. 

Dr. Mary Jo Garcia Biggs

Associate Professor

Office: HPB 150A
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: mb56@txstate.edu

Dr. Mary Jo Garcia Biggs, LCSW, holds the MSW from Our Lady of the Lake University and the Ph.D. in Education from Texas A&M University. Dr. Biggs, who has been at Texas State for almost a decade, has been overseeing the School online MSW degree program for several years and is highly recognized as an expert in online education. She serves as faculty advisor for Latinas Unidas, a university student support group for Latinas. Dr. Biggs has several years of experience in adult protection and is quite interested in research into issues of aging. She teaches both online and on campus.

Dr. Nancy Chavkin

Regents Professor and Director, Center for Children and Families

Office: HPB 150A
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: nc02@txstate.edu

Dr. Nancy Feyl Chavkin is the author of three books and more than a hundred publications on family/community involvement in education, program evaluation, community partnerships, and child welfare.Dr. Chavkin currently serves as Regents’ Professor of Social Work and Director of the Center for Children and Families.Previously, she was the Director of the Richter Research Institute in the School of Social Work and Co-director of the Center for Children and Families. She has been the principle investigator of grants and contracts totaling more than $18 million dollars. Her evaluation experience spans two decades and includes work with grants from the US Department of Education, the Administration for Children and Families, foundations, and state agencies.

Professor Chavkin has served on the steering committee for the National Center for Family and Community Connections with Schools, as a panel expert for National Household Survey on Early Childhood/Parent Involvement, and as a member of the National Parental Information and Resource Center Local Evaluation Panel.She has received Texas State University awards for excellence in both scholarship and teaching. She was named a University Distinguished Professor (2010) and a Minnie Stevens Piper Professor (2002).

Dr. Moctezuma Garcia

Dr. Moctezuma García

Assistant Professor

Office: NUEC 215

Phone: 512-245-2592

Email: m_g558@txstate.edu

Dr. Moctezuma García, LMSW, joined the faculty in 2015 with an MSSW from Columbia University and a PhD from the City University of New York. Dr. García is a research fellow from Yale University and has extensive experience in research administration. Research endeavors have focused on exploring health disparities among historically oppressed and highly marginalized populations. Dr. Garcia also has international experience working for UNICEF and administering a human rights training in Cambodia.  

Dr. Catherine A. Hawkins

Professor and MSW Director - Graduate Advisor

Office: HPB 150A
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: ch11@txstate.edu

Dr. Catherine Hawkins, LCSW, holds the MSW and Ph.D. in social work. Joining Texas State in 1991, Dr. Hawkins specializes in direct practice, bringing into class her expertise as a psychotherapist in residential, acute care, and out-patient settings. She is interested in issues of sustainability and human trafficking, as well as spirituality in social work and international social work. She has led study abroad groups to Mexico and Cambodia, and was a visiting professor at the Madras school of Social Work in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India in Fall 2006

Dr. Sally Hill Jones

Associate Professor

Office: HPB 150A
Phone: 512-245-2592

Dr. Sally Hill Jones, LCSW, holds degrees from the University of Chicago and the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago, Illinois. She has more than two decades of practice experience in a variety of settings, including family service agencies, hospice, and independent practice. Joining Texas State in 2001, she is very interested in trauma, self-care for helping professionals, and gerontology. She teaches both online and on campus.

Andrew Marks

Senior Clinical Lecturer and BSW Field Director

Office: HPB 231B
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: am27@txstate.edu

Mr. Andrew Marks, LMSW, has served as a Lecturer at the Texas State School of Social Work since 2003 and is the School’s BSW Coordinator. He is the former Executive Director of the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners and Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists. He also has worked at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin and for the Texas Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. Mr. Marks, who is currently a doctoral student at Benedictine College, is interested in leadership, professional ethics, management, public administration, community organization, mental health and mental retardation issues, disabilities, and forensic and legal issues. He has presented extensively across the nation on professional ethics and professional regulation.

Stacie McGee


Office: HPB 235
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: sm60@txstate.edu

Ms. Stacie McGee, LMSW-IPR, received her Bachelor of Social Work degree from Texas State in 1992 and her Master of Social Work degree from Our Lady of the Lake University in 1994. A long-time adjunct to Texas State School of Social Work faculty, Ms. McGee has served as MSW Admissions Coordinator and is now a Lecturer. She has worked in geriatric outreach, juvenile residential treatment, juvenile justice, program development, administration and grant writing, and in public school social work. She is currently the social worker at Cole Pediatric Therapy in San Marcos. Ms. McGee served on the NASW/Texas School Social Work Steering Committee, the mayor-appointed City of San Marcos Youth Commission, and  with a Mediation Certificate from Texas State University, as the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Hays County Alternative Dispute Resolution Center, where she still acts as a volunteer trainer. Ms. McGee currently serves on th Board of the Hays County Extencion Agency and volunteers regulary with San Marcos public schools and the San Marcos Animal Shelter.


Mr. R. Stephen Medel

Senior Clinical Lecturer and MSW Field Director                                                                  

Office: HPB 231H
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: rm33@txstate.edu

Mr. R. Stephen Medel, LMSW, has a long career of working with schools to enrich the learning environment for at-risk youth. Joining our faculty in Fall 2010, Mr. Medel teaches a number of courses, including policy and field placement. He is a doctoral student at Walden University, studying Education.


Dr. KeriAnne Moon

Senior Clinical Lecturer

Office: NUEC 207
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: kmm255@txstate.edu

Dr. KeriAnne Moon, LICSW joined the School of Social Work in 2014 after earning her Doctorate in Social Work from Capella University in 2013. She worked as a clinical social worker and supervisor primarily with children and adolescents in an outpatient and school mental health setting. Dr. Moon also worked with those that were childhood survivors of sexual abuse for eight years in her clinical practice. Dr. Moon’s research interests include childhood trauma, technology in social work practice, and using animals in therapeutic environments. Dr. Moon teaches a variety of courses including direct practice and foundational research.


Dr. Dorinda Noble


Office: HPB 231C
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: dn12@txstate.edu

Dorinda N. Noble, Ph.D., LCSW, is Director and Professor at the Texas State School of Social Work.  Dr. Noble taught at both Texas Tech University and Louisiana State University before joining Texas State.  A graduate of Tulane University and the University of Texas-Austin, Dr. Noble is active in scholarship and teaching in the areas of supervision, ethics, and social work regulation.  Dr. Noble served on the Louisiana licensing board (appointed two times by different governors), and on the Texas social work regulatory board (a gubernatorial appointment), so she has been active in social work regulation for almost twenty years.  She currently serves as President of the Association of Social Work Boards.


Dr. Christine Norton

Associate Professor

Office: NUEC 210
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: cn19@txstate.edu

Dr. Christine Lynn Norton, LCSW, holds degrees from the University of Chicago, Minnesota State University, and Loyola University in Chicago. She has over 15 years experience working with high-risk youth in a variety of settings including therapeutic wilderness programs, juvenile justice, schools, and mentoring organizations. She has taught as adjunct faculty at The University of Denver, Prescott College, and Naropa University. Her areas of practice and research experience and interest are in adolescent development, treatment and empowerment; wilderness and adventure therapy; youth mentoring; juvenile justice, alternative sentencing and restorative justice; experiential education; and international social work. She recently received a $90,000 grant to develop a program to work with alums of foster care who are now college students in Texas.

Dr. Rose Pulliam

Assistant Professor

Office: HPB 150A
Phone: 512-245-2592

Dr. Rose M. Pulliam joined the Texas State University School of Social Work faculty in 2014. Her experience includes over 20 years of advocacy and policy work on issues including domestic violence, reproductive justice, child abuse, LGBTQ populations, sexual assault, and perpetrator intervention program implementation. Rose’s programmatic background includes clinical and advocacy work with children, adolescents, and adults in community and health care settings. Rose earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Masters in Social Work, both from the University of Alabama and a PhD in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin. Her research interests include culturally specific interventions for African-American’s, engaging difference and diversity in practice, and social work education.

Dr. Amy Russell

Associate Professor and Director Walter Richter Research Institute

Office: NUEC 205
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: ar41@txstate.edu

Dr. Amy Russell, LMSW, joined Texas State four years ago. She holds degrees from the University of Houston. Dr. Russell has ten year’s practice experience in public community mental health services working with persons with severe and persistent mental illness. She presently teaches graduate level research methods and policy courses and has taught ethics, advocacy research, behavioral statistics, and individual and group social work practice. Her research skills and interests comprise cultural oppression and liberated identity, lesbian feminism, social capital, social welfare policy and economics, and lesbian and women’s health and mental health needs. This agenda includes a special interest in research methods that utilize visual ethnography and classic grounded theory.

Dr. Kathy Selber


Office: HPB 150A
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: ks15@txstate.edu

Dr. Kathy Selber, LMSW-AP, holds degrees from the University of Houston and the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Selber has been awarded numerous research grants and is well-published. She is fluent in Spanish and previously taught in Mexico. She is passionate about working with student veterans and military families, and has been a leader in developing student veteran-friendly policies and programs on Texas State campus, as well as other campuses. She teaches both on campus and online.

Rhonda E. Smith

Grant Specialist/Adjunct FacultyRhonda E. Smith

Office: HPB 150A
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: rs32@txstate.edu

Ms. Rhonda Smith, LMSW, is a grant specialist with the Center for Children and Families. She serves as an Agency-Based Field Instructor with Child Protective Services in San Antonio for Title IV-E stipend recipients in both the BSW and MSW degree programs. She also serves as adjunct faculty for the Texas State School of Social Work. Her primary practice experience has been working with children and families in a public child welfare setting, with the majority of her experience focused on working with sexually abusive families.


Dr. Scott Smith

Associate Professor

Office: NUEC 212
Phone: 512-245-8833
E-mail: ks58149@txstate.edu

Dr. Scott Smith, LCSW, is the Director of the Virtual Reality and Technology Lab. He holds degrees from Florida State University (PhD), University of Texas at Austin (MSW), and Texas State University. He has over 10 years of clinical experience working with high-risk youth, substance abuse and addiction, families, trauma, domestic violence, and the homeless population. He excels in providing individual, family, marital, and group therapy. His research interests are in psychometrics and scale development, research methods and statistics, and developing technological approaches to behavior change. Current projects include obtaining funding for the following proposals: a virtual training environment for radiation technicians, the development and evaluation of a Smartphone addiction recovery application, and the creation of a virtual addiction treatment for adolescents. Dr. Smith along with the Nutrition program obtained a $250,000 grant from the Department of State Health Services for the development and evaluation of a nutritional Smartphone application for WIC mothers.

Dr. Mark Trahan

Dr. Mark Trahan

Assistant Professor

Office:  Nueces 208

Phone:  512-245-4558


Dr. Mark Trahan, LCSW, joined Texas State University in 2015.  Dr. Trahan holds degrees from the University of Houston (MSW and PhD) and the University of Texas at Austin (BA).  He has been practicing in social work since 2005 with intimate partnerships, addiction, adolescents, and trauma.  Dr. Trahan’s research interests include father involvement and engagement, clinical interventions, and youth development.  In addition to his academic pursuits, he is certified with the Gottman Institute for working with couples and has served as a faculty member at the Institute for Spirituality and Health.  Dr. Trahan enjoys mountain biking, fly fishing, church involvement and spending time with his family.

Dr. Raphael Travis, Jr.

Associate Professor

Office: HPB 150A
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: rt27@txstate.edu

Dr. Raphael Travis Jr., LCSW, holds degrees from University of Virginia, University of Michigan, and University of California at Los Angeles. His current research interests include positive youth development over the life-course, adolescent resilience, and youth participation in individual and community transformation. His work background blends mental health practice with public health issues. He teaches both online and on campus.

To read more information on Dr. Travis click on the link below:


Ms. Lea R. Velez

Senior Clinical Lecturer and BSW Program Director

Office: HPB 150A
Phone: 512-245-2592
E-mail: lrr26@txstate.edu

Ms. Lea R. Velez, LMSW, M.S., has served as a Lecturer at the Texas State School of Social Work since 2014. She has over 15 years of diverse practice experience, working with individuals experiencing homelessness, youth, and initiatives to promote wellness for all individuals. Ms. Velez, who is currently a doctoral student at Capella University, is interested in wellness initiatives to improve quality of life for elders, homelessness, families of the incarcerated, and social work education.


Ms. Martha Wildberger

Grant Specialist

Office: SH 101
Phone: 512-245-6600
E-mail: mw38@txstate.edu

Ms. Wildberger, LCSW, graduated from Truman State University and Washington University. She is a Grant Specialist with the Center for Children and Families and is adjunct faculty with the School. She has over ten years of child welfare experience. Ms. Wildberger's professional interests include child welfare, foster care and adoption.

Dr. Colette Duciaume-Wright

Clinical Lecturer

Office:HPB 231 F
Phone: 512-245-5503
E-mail: cd30@txstate.edu

Dr. Duciaume-Wright, LCSW, holds the doctorate from Smith College. She has a notable history in delivering clinical services. She teaches as a Lecturer for Texas State in the areas of practice, human behavior and social environment, and research.

Dr. J. Karen Brown

Professor Emerita

Office: HPB 150A
Phone: 512-245-2592

Dr. Karen Brown, LMSW-AP, Professor Emerita, completed her MSSW at the University of Tennessee and her doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin. She served as Director of Texas State School of Social Work for 18 years and left a strong imprint on the School. She also directed the University’s Center for Children and Families for many years and was instrumental in bringing millions of dollars into the University. Dr. Brown retired in 2011, and we are indebted to her.