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Student Intern Resources

Social Work student interns enrolled in Field Education Courses (SOWK 4374/4975, SOWK 5410/5411, SOWK 5378/5379, 5679, 5979) will find forms and documents used during the internship here. The Field Education Handbook provides students with field policies and procedures. Students should review the handbook prior to beginning the field internship.


The Field Orientation Checklist is a helpful tool for students to share with their assigned agency representative.  The checklist provides an opportunity for students initiate a conversation with their new supervisor, establish rapport, and orient yourself to the agency’s organizational culture. It is the student’s responsibility to bring a copy of the form with them on their first day of their internship.  Be sure to read the checklist first to determine which items are relevant for you and the agency. Students should review the Student Safety in Field Education.  


The Educational Learning Plan (ELP) is central to demonstrating social work competencies and readiness for practice. The ELP is developed with the agency supervisor, specific to the organization in which the student interns, and the tool to evaluate students’ professional behaviors and competence.  The ELP is an acceptable evaluation of the nine Social Work Competencies (2015 CSWE EPAS) outlined by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) for social work students interested in becoming professional practitioners.


The Supervision Form is intended to document weekly field supervision meetings between student interns and field instructors. Social Work specific supervision, by a credentialed social worker, is a CSWE requirement and must be conducted one on one.  On occasion, group supervision is acceptable, but may not be the only form of supervision.  Students should prepare for their weekly supervision meeting by completing this supervision form and discussing elements of their ELP.  The form should be signed by all parties, dated, and turned in as requested by their field faculty.  


Student interns should document their field agency contact hours in the Student Intern Time Sheet.  The timesheet is a required tracking tool to document work completed in the internship and contact hours completed each week.  The timesheet is submitted to their field faculty every week.  The form should be signed by all parties, dated, and turned in as requested by their field faculty.  Instructions on how to fill out a timesheet along with acceptable contact hour activities are found in the Time Sheet Instructions.


Student interns have many questions during field education.  A compilation of Frequently Asked Questions is available for student interns to find answers when beginning field education, during field education, and as they terminate field education.  Should you have additional questions, feel free to email


Form List

Field Education Handbook

Field Agency Orientation Checklist

Educational Learning Plan

Supervision Form


Student Safety in Field Education

Student Intern Timesheet

Time Sheet Instructions

Employer Based Practicum Guidelines (EBP)

Travel Acknowledgement Form

Unaffiliated Match Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Student-Agency Information Sheet